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Its no secret that I'm a huge Google Reader fan, and one of my most wanted apps is Google Reader for BlackBerry. There are many RSS alternatives, but I'm all for an official Google app that syncs feeds and does things only Google can do. Ronen at BerryReview keyed me in to the Google Reader WebApp that is designed to work for Android and iPhones, and it seems to work fairly well on BlackBerry (on my 9700 at least). Not all of the features are alive and well, but it does get the job done. It doesn't seem to sync read/unread feeds, and when trying to view "all feeds" the site hung up and I didn't get a response. They key is bookmarking the site in your browser and making sure JavaScript is enabled. Obviously not the greatest solution, but it is a step up from the super-slim mobile version of Google Reader. Drop a comment and let us know if the WebApp is working for you. If anyone at Google is reading this - no I'm still not satisfied, please get it together and release an official Reader app for BlackBerry.