Google Podcasts

Finding a great podcast app in the Google Play Store is easy as there are plenty to choose from but now, Google has officially introduced their own offering simply called Google Podcasts.

Whether we're listening to history lessons on the commute, news stories at the gym, or gripping mysteries while preparing dinner, podcasts have become an essential part of life. But, it can still be difficult to get started and find new shows you'll love—and work still remains in making podcasts accessible and discoverable for all.

Today, we're releasing the Google Podcasts app for Android, available globally in the Play Store. Integrated with the Google Assistant across your devices and packed with personalized recommendations, Google Podcasts is designed to make it easier than ever for Android users to discover and listen to podcasts. We're also announcing a partnership with industry experts to improve diversity in podcast creation, and sharing a peek at how AI can help transform podcasting for the better.

Although Google has offered podcasts within Google Play Music previously and will continue to do so, this standalone option will offer up recommendations for new podcasts, works with Google Assistant and Google Home so you never lose your spot when switching and will be available globally in 47 languages.

As one would hope, typical podcast features are also found within Google Podcasts such as the ability to subscribe, download and scrub through podcasts while they're playing and Google also noted they have over 2 million podcasts indexed already. Yes, even the CrackBerry Podcast.

Download Google Podcasts