Google Photos adding Favorite and Like buttons

I take a lot of photos on my BlackBerry KEYone and to manage them all, I use Google Photos, which is really good given everything you can do with the app. However, the things you can't do with Google Photos really stick out like a sore thumb, things such as organizing your favorites.

Thankfully, someone at Google thought the same and now Google is now adding a Favorites feature for your own photos as well as a like button for photos shared with you or as Google has announced it, new ⭐️ and ❤️ buttons.

Clearly, these are not huge feature additions but they are small improvements that make Google Photos even better to use on daily basis and the little things always add up. As for when you can expect to see them, Google noted ⭐️ are 'rolling out this week' while ❤️ are 'coming soon'.