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If you're looking for a lightweight alternative to Google Photos, Google today at Google for Nigeria, has introduced Gallery Go. Much like Google's other 'Go' apps, Gallery Go was designed to be light and fast while still offering plenty of features across the board.

  • Automatic Organization - Each night, Gallery Go will automatically organize your photos to group by: People, Selfies, Nature, Animals, Documents, Videos, and Movies. Gallery Go helps you stay organized, so you can spend less time scrolling for that photo of your friend or family member, and more time sharing memories with them.
  • Auto-enhance - Gallery Go has easy to use photo editing tools, such as auto-enhance which will make your photos look their best with one-tap.
  • Performance - Gallery Go comes in a small file size which means even more space for your own photos. All while using less memory on your device - so it won't slow down your phone.
  • Works Offline - Optimized to work offline, Gallery Go can easily manage and store all your photos and videos without using up all your data.

Coming in at only 10MB, Gallery Go certainly takes up much less space on your device than Google Photos, and it all works offline. Gallery Go is available worldwide, but the face grouping features are not available everywhere, and you'll need Android 8.1 or higher to get the app downloaded. Even with those limitations, if Google Photos is overkill for you, Gallery Go is a sweet alternative.

How does Google's new Gallery Go compare to Google Photos?

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