GCal BlackBerry Sync

Now that's funny. Just yesterday I made a post that Mobiun was looking for Beta Testers to give their new Mobile Google Calendar sync app a try. AND TODAY...lo and behold, Google themselves have released their own solution! 

Fire up your BlackBerry browse and head on over to https://get.google.com/apptips/apps/?utm_source=googlemobile&utm_campaign=redirect and install the Google Sync for mobile application. Once installed, simply click on the Google Sync icon, login to your Google Account and you're done. Your BlackBerry Calendar app will now always be synchronized with your Google Calendar. And in case you're wondering, it does work both ways - events created/edited on your handheld will sync back to your Google Calendar. THANKS GOOGLE!

Need Help? Get More Information on Google Sync >>  

Apologies for breaking blogosphere rules and reusing a graphic...but I just didn't see much point in changing it up in this case. :-) 

[ BBCool via MiBlackBerry