Google Buzz


I was trying so hard to not think about Google Buzz, let alone write about it, but I came across this article from the National Post and just couldn't resist. It appears that Buzz was the work of Google's Waterloo office -- right around the corner from good ol' RIM HQ. It turns out that Google has had an office in Canada for quite a while now, while most know them as being solely in California. Buzz is the latest and greatest addition to the Google lineup, and it seems to have some users jumping for joy, while others are just plain confused. Buzz integrates with your Gmail inbox and lets you share updates, photos and videos with friends and followers. You can add in your Google accounts (Flickr, Picasa etc.) and even Twitter to receive all your updates in one handy spot. While some are embracing the fun, I was delighted to find the "turn off buzz" link in the bottom of my Gmail page, as I feel its fairly intrusive and semi-annoying at the moment. I'm sure down the line a Buzz app will pop up for BlackBerry that might make things more interesting, although at the moment it looks like iPhone and Android users are really the only ones that get to have the most fun with Buzz for now. So we ask you this CrackBerry Nation - what do you think of Buzz? Is the the greatest thing ever or just plain dumb? Will you use it daily or just turn it off. Take a vote in the poll and let us know what you think.

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