Google Buzz With Location Support Now Available On BlackBerry Through Your Browser

I'm not sure how many of you all out there are Google Buzz users. Personally, I checked it out for about 20 mins when it was first released and then spent the next 2 hours trying to figure out how to disable it on my Google account. In any case, Google had promised that Google Buzz would be available on BlackBerry one way or another and now, we have support.

Although the support doesn't come via a dedicated BlackBerry app, users of Google Buzz will be pleased to know you can now point your browser to and be served up an XHTML version right from within.  From there, you can post and view all your Buzz content and if location services are enabled, you'll also be able to see who is buzzing around you in your area. Let us know in the comments how it works for ya, if you use Google Buzz that is.