Ever have that one great video on your device that you want to share with everyone? Your kid's cute moment, or maybe that time your buddy tried to be Tony Hawk and ended up looking more like something out of Jackass? You whip out your device and open your vids, only to find you have a long list of text entries because you were too lazy to rename the file. Now you have to search through, hunting for the right vid so you can show it off.

I got an email last week about a new application that aims to solve this problem.  Titled simply "Good Video Browser", it's a simple application that does exactly what it's supposed to do, and does it well. Simply click the icon, and it will scan your device and media card for video files, displaying them as thumbnails rather than text. This makes it so much easier to find that exact file you want. The scanning is quick, and if you have a lot of vids, it can be paused and resumed later. The app remembers what has been scanned, and only scans when a new file has been added to the device.

Simple, straight-forward, and useful, this is yet another app that helps fill the gaps left in the OS, making an area most people just deal with a little easier to navigate. Available in the CrackBerry app store for all devices running 4.7 OS and up for $4.99. As a thank you to the CrackBerry community for their support, the developer has offered up 200 coupons of 50% off each. These are first come/first served, so get it while you can, using the coupon goodvideo. The coupon code will only work in the mobile app store or superstore client. 

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