Babe Blocks for BlackBerry!

Last week it was Sexy Dice. This week it's Babe Blocks. Am I sensing a trend here? Not available for the BlackBerry Storm just yet, this fun little game is ready to rock (err.. block?!!) for the BlackBerry Pearl and Curve and is a solid time waster.

Babe Blocks is simple. Pictures of babes are hidden beneath a wall of bricks. All you need to do is click on groups of three or more adjacent blocks to make them disappear. You need to be quick though... as you clear out the blocks more rows continue to appear. If they're faster than you and the blocks reach the top then the game is over. There are five levels to the game, which get increasingly difficult as you progress through them. And as you may have guessed, the babes do get hotter as the difficulty increases. It's good times. There is some bad news though. AIM Productions currently is selling Babe Blocks for $9.95 and no free trial is available. It's on the steep side of game app pricing these days, but I guess sex sells right? The same developer is also responsible for Berry Strip Poker... which I'm going to download next! :-)

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