Yes, I know. That's a bit of an obvious statement considering the screen resolutions are the same 720x720 however; it's actually quite important to remember. I say that because, unlike the releases of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, there won't be any wait time for apps to be transitioned over to the BlackBerry Q5.

That device will make use of all the BlackBerry Q10 apps that are already available, an important fact for those concerned with the amount of apps available upon purchase and even more so important for developers because there is no effort on their part needed to ensure compatibility.

As highlighted in an email sent off to developers, any app that is noted to work on the BlackBerry Q10 will be automatically switched over to show as supported on the BlackBerry Q5. If you're a developer and for whatever reason, do not wish to support the BlackBerry Q5, you can login to the BlackBerry Vendor Portal and change your preferences.