We've seen a few decent golfing games for BlackBerry 10 and Golf Pro 2 is yet another I stumbled upon. Whether you are into golf or not this 3D based game will provide hours of fun for both adults and kids. 

Controlling the ball is done by moving your finger across the screen to choose the direction of the ball. Then over on the right hand side is a small tab which you press to start the power of the shot and this is displayed on a bar on the left of the screen. Release your thumb/finger when the power is right and off the ball goes. 

Golf Pro 2 is far from your standard gold course. This one incorporates jumps, obstacles and more - adding to the excitement. If your ball comes off the course it will explode which came a shock the first time it happened but it's a nice touch. 

The graphics are pretty sweet with Golf Pro 2. The sound effects seem to be few and far between and there is no background music which may have been a bonus. However, the gameplay is smooth and somewhat addictive as you'll discover if you pick this one up. We recently featured Dynamite Golf for BlackBerry 10 and the two games are along the same concept, so if you enjoyed that one Golf Pro 2 will be one to add to your collection. Golf Pro 2's colors are not quite as bright and funky as with Dynamite Golf but it's just as much fun. 

Golf Pro 2 is priced at £1.50/$1.99 and is available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

Full features of the game include: 

  • Play any course you want to practice on! 
  • Over 70 holes on 4 courses of varying difficulty  
  • Various obstacles  
  • Beautiful natively rendered 3D Graphics  
  • Life like sounds
  • Realistic gameplay  
  • Levels hand crafted and made with meticulous detail  
  • Special graphics effects  
  • High replay value!

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