Goal 2014 - a World Cup app for fixtures, fun facts and more

There are quite a handful of World Cup apps to check out in BlackBerry World, however, the majority of them are Android ports. While that's okay for some, others prefer to use a native app. If that's you then you may want to check out Goal 2014.

As I've already mentioned, Goal 2014 is natively built. You can get all the upcoming match fixtures, team lineup, all the latest news as well as information about the football stadiums being used during this World Cup.

There's an Active Frame, which will scroll through interesting World Cup facts, too. It would be nice if the Active Frame could also show the current score if there was a match playing. Though, I quite like the facts.

Being a native app, you can change the layout of the tabs via the settings. By default, the 5 tabs are found a long a bottom. If you wanted a cleaner look, you can have the tabs go in the left menu, with the Search option keeping its place on the bottom bar.

Goal 2014 - Tabbed layout Goal 2014 - Menu Tab

Goal 2014 also integrates with your calendar, so you can add upcoming fixtures to your calendar so you don't forget when a match is on.

Goal 2014 features

  • All of the stadiums and information about them including their capacity and the year they were built
  • BBM integration
  • Calendar integration
  • Fixtures of each match (with alternating time zone compatibility, so you truly know when the match kicks off in your area)
  • Full team lists
  • Interesting Brazilian land marks
  • Interesting facts about the World Cup displayed on a dynamic active frame
  • Keyboard support
  • Live in-app score searching
  • Searching function to find the matches that your home team will be playing
  • Sharing capabilities
  • The latest World Cup news directly from FIFA.com

It could perhaps do with a little colour, as it's mostly a dark based theme. And I would prefer if the Fixtures section could automatically jump to the current date instead of me having to scroll down to the latest match times. Though I like the app on the whole. Goal 2014 is currently available to purchase at a 50% discount of $0.99 for the first two weeks of the World Cup 2014. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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