GoDaddy Gets Smart(phone)No more waiting for those Go Daddy (Yahoo!) emails to make it from your server to your BlackBerry.  Go Daddy has integrated their web-based emails with all BlackBerry devices. The integration allows users to send and receive their email using any BlackBerry device.  As email messages are read and deleted from either the device or the web interface, the message status is synchronized between the device and the server. Email messages sent from the user's BlackBerry will appear in their "sent" folder online.  Once an email account is set up with http://, BlackBerry users simply need to input their account information on the handset and the BIS will be able to automatically synchronize with their web-based account.

This ideal solution allows our customers to be away from their computers and more easily communicate by email," said CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. "We want to make life easier for our customers, and this integration with BlackBerry email certainly does the trick."

For Go-Daddy Email visit: www.