My favorite feed reading application for BlackBerry 10 has just had a hefty upgrade with a ton of new features. gNewsReader had previously allowed users to share stories found in feeds to Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability. Now you can get the same functionality from the native browser through the share menu. Awesome. There's also a full complement of feed management options now, so you can subscribe to new feeds, remove dead ones, and otherwise reorganize your RSS collection. Let's take a look at the changelog for 

  • Allow sharing of link to read later services (Pocket/Instapaper/Readability) directly from browser
  • Sharing from Feed list page now works
  • Sharing also fixes sharing via Text message and email
  • Search & subscribe to new feeds
  • Feed management, move, delete and unsubscribe
  • Open default browser option in overflow menu
  • Fix the links display in articles view
  • Misc. bug fixes & improvements

Following experimental features can be enabled via Settings menu (NOTE: they are not fit for general use yet)

  • NewsBlur support (ALPHA), early experimental support, expect regular usage support from next update
  • Images in Feed list (BETA)

Even now that Google Reader is a thing of the past, gNewsReader continues to be one of my favorite ways for keeping up with what's happening, and these new features only make the experience better.

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