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We've been over the issue of BIS two-way sync for Gmail more than a few times now, each time closer than the last. Well yesterday I noticed that my messages appeared to finally be syncing up between Gmail on the web and my Bold 9700. The only catch? It took over two hours! Yes you read that correctly ... two hours and two-way sync. I did a few tests to verify (I'm using a Bold 9700 on T-Mobile) and I can say for sure that read/unread emails are syncing for Gmail. Mark an item read in Gmail on the web, and it will be marked as read on your device. Mark an item as unread from the web and it will show as unread on your device. So that leaves the question - is this it? I hope that this is just the start of our true two-way syncing. Two hours is an insane amount of time for this process, but I suppose its good to know that at least its working. The good news is I'm down to about 45 minutes today, so maybe things are getting better. Give it a shot for yourself and leave a comment to let us know if its working for you. You may have to remove and re-add your email to your BIS to get things going.

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