Peek. Glance. Flow. These are three of the words we have heard Research In Motion use frequently in describing BlackBerry 10 since since the first demo at BlackBerry World. 

Flow describes the ability of the user to seamlessly traverse between application experiences on the device (as opposed to the more common open / close paradigmn of iOS).

Glance is the gesture that allows you to preview notifications easily within BlackBerry 10, by swiping up at an angle from the bottom right corner of the display. This pulls in the vertical notification bar from the right. Continuing the glance gesture to the left hooks you into the unified inbox. So from anywhere on the OS -- no matter what app you are in -- you are never more than a quick gesture away from jumping into messages.

Peek is the in-app gesture that allows you to view multiple layers of an app at once. The classic demonstration provided of this is when viewing an attachment such as a .pdf within the email app. By peeking back, you can view the attachment, the email and the inbox all at once to quickly flow to wherever you want to go.

My descriptions don't do these innovations justice, so check out the video above recorded by CrackBerry's Chris Umiastowski along with RIM's Gary Klassen yesterday at the BlackBerry 10 Jam event in Toronto. Oh, and for those of you still wondering why the time is always showing on the clock on these demos, it is because this isn't a live demo of the actual working BlackBerry 10 OS. RIM built a special wrapper for this preview - a smart way for RIM to only show off what they want to show right now. As for why they chose 13:37 for the clock time, I can only assume it's because BlackBerry 10 is going be elite! If you don't know what leetspeak is, you can learn here. I'm sure it was somebody on the QNX team that tossed that time in there. Hardcore. :)

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