Step Right Up Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls for the Most Fantastic Phone Accessory the World Has Ever Seen.....

Not Since the BlackBerry Holster has there been such an oddly practical accessory for smartphones that will literally transform the way you use your phone day in and day out.

When I first saw the Spigen Style Ring aka "phone ring" I thought it was a freaking joke. I laughed at it. I made fun of it. And then I used one on my phone for a weekend and now it's been on all my smartphones ever since. It makes every smartphone better - BlackBerry, iPhone, Galaxy, touchscreen phones, keyboard phones, you name it. Why? Watch the video and you'll find out. I've made Style Ring believers out of literally hundreds of people the last six months without even trying. They just see me use my phone like a Ninja and realize its amazing power to transform the way you use your smartphone.

Watch the video. You'll see the logic behind it. If you have the guts to buy one, I can almost guarantee you that if you just commit to using it for 48 hours you'll be hooked after that.

If you don't have the guts to buy one, don't worry, because you can win one!!


I posted this video to my CrackBerry Kevin YouTube channel a week ago. I didn't even blog it up here on the site because I didn't want you all making fun of me and this odd looking gadget. But the video blew up on the YouTubez and is sitting at 245,000 views as I post this. That's pretty HUGE. So let's celebrate with a giveaway.

TO ENTER: Simply login to and leave a comment on this post letting me know your favorite usability aspect of the Style Ring based on watching the video

That's it. Contest is open worldwide. We have TWENTY Style Rings to give away. We'll make the deadline Sunday, April 2nd, at Midnight PST. Good luck!

Here are the winners!

  • 93Aero
  • BionicKris
  • Bryan Pitt
  • Delano Mizrahi
  • diggs007
  • diploria
  • ImOfficial007
  • jakie55
  • jamescarruthers
  • Omahahaha
  • OTCHRussell
  • Ragbert
  • redchilli88
  • Sarek1701
  • smnc
  • soapydarren
  • syclone1978
  • TheBirdDog
  • theCHIVERChance
  • tinochiko

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