GIVEAWAY NOW OVER... 10,000 Copies have Been Given Away For Free!

10,000 Free Copies of iBee Farting!!!

* Update: THAT'S IT!! There's now 10,000 more BlackBerry users in the world with a fart app on their device. I guess it's a stinky world out there! BIG Thanks to iBee Mobile for hooking us up with $20,000 worth of free software. BE SURE to read the reminder below and activate your app with the activation code provided. *

* Reminder - Don't forget to activate your app! On the download page after you checkout (and on your emailed order confirmation) you'll find your activation code. Be sure to open up iBee Farting, hit the menu key and enter your code to Activate! *

OK CrackBerry Nation, let's try this again! Back during our CrackBerry Turns Two Birthday Week festivities we tried to give away 5,000 free copies of iBee Farting, but the traffic influx of everyone trying to get their copy at the same time was simply too much for the app store servers. Since then, our software partner has upgraded their servers and things are running snappy under normal loads, so it's time to try the free fart app stress test once again. And to make up for the inconvenience caused last time, our friends at iBee Mobile have upped the ante to 10,000 free copies!!

10,000 FREE Copies of iBee Farting: On your BlackBerry's web browser, head to and use coupon code CBFARTS to receive a 100% off discount on the app. HURRY. It's first come first serve. Once 10,000 coupon codes are used the deal is done!

* Please Note * iBee Farting is ONLY available for the Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm and the coupon will only work in our mobile app store visited from your device ( and not in our pc website store. For a quick walk through on using coupon codes in the mobile app store, you can check out this tutorial. Be sure to drop a note in the comments and let us know you got one. Enjoy your fart app!!