I'm a bit forgetful when it comes to picking up stuff when I go on a quick trip to the stores. I often get a bit side-tracked. Sure, I can use the Remember app to make a list but even then I forget to buy certain things on the list. However, I have found an app that allows me to not forget the small things people ask me to get on my quick trips to the shops. That app is StickyBoard Notes.

StickyBoard Notes is a very simple app. You'd think it will be packed with features but it's the simplicity of the app that I love. There's nothing more to it than creating a sticky note and adding your list items or things to do on it. You can continue to add more sticky notes and they will come in different colours. Where it comes it very handy is when you minimize the app into an Active Frame. The sticky note will be shown in the Active Frame and when you're out and about, take a glance at your phone you can see your list. I'm always taking out my phone to check my messages or checking in, so seeing my shopping list in an Active Frame is really helpful.

It's also great for to-do lists too, even when sitting at your desk. Anything you need a little reminder for, you can use StickyBoard Notes to remind you.

It may seem too basic but it's simple and to the point, that's what makes it a pretty neat app for me. The one small issue I have is that when you add a new sticky, sometimes you get the same color as the previous one and I would always prefer it adds a different color. Even if it just alternates between two colors. Though there are three colors, so perhaps it could just rotate those colors. Or even better let you have the choice but it doesn't stop me from using it.

StickyBoard notes is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and will cost you $1.99. It may seem much for some but for someone as forgetful as me, a price less than coffee is well worth it if it means I don't have to go back out to buy the things I forgot in the first place.

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