Black and Color Pictures

One of the things I love most about my BlackBerry is being able to take candid and random shots while on the go. Whether it be a shot of an autumn evening, a rainbow after a storm, or just being at the right place at the right time (I'm looking at you Rick Springfield). What makes things even more exciting is taking these memories and altering them and sharing them right from your BlackBerry. Black and Color Pictures by LaurentCie lets you modify them quickly and easily to share with your friends and family. The developer saw this effect on a Sony camera and was curious about how they accomplished it and decided to turn it into a BlackBerry App.

The Review

Developer: LaurentCie Version (at time of review): 1.0.1
File Size: 96 KB OS Requirements: BlackBerry OS 5.0 and above
Cost: $.99
Support: [email protected]

Black and Color Pictures

Just as with Notes on Pictures the editing process is pretty simple. Upon opening the application you are given the option of selecting a photo from your device or media card or taking a new image with your camera.Now this is where the fun beings. Once an image is loaded you have the option of selecting a particular color (blue, green ,red, yellow, pink, orange) and then choose that colors' strength (-10 to +10).

According to the developer, a negative value means you keep pixels that are not so that color (of your choice) and a positive value means you want to keep only "very" much of the pixels of that color. Basically you are varying the degree or strength of color in the photo, with a negative being less and a positive meaning that more of that color appears in the final product with the rest converted into Black and White.

Black and Color Pictures filename

When all of your changes have been made, simply click the save button to keep your work. The original image will not be touched and the new one is placed in its own folder in your media library. You must enter in a filename and users have the option of making it their profile picture, sending to a contact, or opening it up in the viewer to share on your social networks.

Black and Color Pictures filenameBefore and after shot - office setting

Black and Color Pictures - Before and AfterSupermarket - surprise visit from Inky

Black and Color Pictures Before and After 3Outside - focused on the green in the leaves/grass

I do love how it is able to pinpoint each color and pixel and filter it through. It is these precise and subtle changes that can really make a picture stand out. In my image above you can see how just the yellow remains on items as simple as a post-it note to highlights on a printed excel spreadsheet.

Wherever you may be its always nice to use your BlackBerry as a camera and Black and Color Pictures is a great way to focus on a particular color in your images. You can create professional and striking photos in an instant.  It is compatible for BlackBerry devices running OS 5 and higher and you get all of this for only $.99.

Black and Color Pictures
by LaurentCie


  • Black and Color Pictures is a convenient application to edit your photos in a short amount of time. From loading, modifying, to sharing it takes no time at all. The color filter takes effect immediately and the images are beautiful.


  • The only negatives are that there is no undo button for your changes (you will need to reload an image) and the resolution of the resulting image is smaller (512x384) than the original.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to make quick changes to your photos on the go and upload them instantly to your social networks then give this a try. While it doesn't have additional types of filters, just seeing your photos in Black and White with just a hint of a specific color gives it a nice professional look in the end.   Purchase Black and Color Pictures

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