Pyramix Word Generator

I'm a big fan of word games and while I may struggle at times (read: want to rip my hair out) I'm always on the lookout for something challenging. Pyramix by HD Interactive is just the thing to stop my brain from turning into mush from all the hours spent in front of the TV. Similar to Boggle and Cryptoquote, it's a very entertaining word game that poses the question: can you crack the code and solve the Pyramix?

Pyramix is part puzzle, part word game and extremely challenging. It certainly gets the old brain cells working. Players must form four words in the pyramid above by unscrambling the 18 letters in the pyramid below. Not just any four words mind you. All 18 letters must be utilized to form the exact four words the game is looking for to complete the puzzle. This is not an easy task. It may be easy to form just about any word you can think of with the given letters but the exact four words is just... well there's no word to describe it. 

Players can choose from a timed or untimed game although I recommend the latter for beginners. The gold buttons to the left indicate if a word is valid while the numbers on the right keep track of all the possible word combinations that can be made with the letters available. After you from a word, the counter will reset to show the remaining possibilities based on what you've played. If you're stuck you could use the slider to reset the board or to move to the next puzzle.

At first this seemed impossible to solve but I managed after quite a few word variations. Some of the word choices are a little too rare for my taste (Ganjas, Lek, Agha, just to name a few). Maybe being able to choose the difficulty level is something for them to think about in later versions. Although there is nothing wrong with adding new words to your vocabulary. I especially love the Egyptian motif that surrounds this game whether it be the graphics or the soundtrack. One bug I did discover is it's not too friendly if you want to switch applications. The game shuts down automatically if you try to do so.

All in all this is a unique twist on the classic word game. Definitely something to check out if you have the time. Pyramix is available for $0.99 from BlackBerry App World

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