Back when I was using BlackBerry legacy devices, I was a huge advocate of the app Email++. It allowed me to configure some email accounts with a pop-up so I could essentially read the email or at least get a preview of the message from the pop-up. It made things a lot easier when important emails came through.

The developers of the popular Email++ app are back with the same kind of thing for BlackBerry 10 - Hub++.

Hub++ allows you set up email accounts to include a message pop-up preview so you know whether or not you need to continue to open it or not.

You can customize exactly how much of the message you want to see beforehand. For example, you can choose to see just the first 200 characters or even up to the whole message. You can also set how long you would like the preview to show for too, from 5 seconds to indefinitely, where it will just wait for you to choose an option.

Hub++ main settings screenHub++ filters

You can create filters too, so if you only wanted to preview emails with a certain word in the subject or from someone or a group of people, you can set that up too. Filters are my favorite feature as I don't want to preview each and every email that comes through. When you have important emails coming through throughout the day, this helps to weed those out and I can get a glance at them without even going into the Hub.

From the pop-up, you are also presented with a variety of options on what you would like to do with the message. You can mark the message as read, flag it, forward it or reply to it all from the pop-up. There's even the ability to snooze the message too.

Hub++ pop-up preview

Hub++ doesn't stop at pop-up previews though. Hub++ now includes colored LED notifications in its Disco Edition. You can set a different color for each email account, as well as Text, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and BBM. Incoming coming calls can also be set too.

There are a variety of colors to choose from including disco (or rainbow, as the option). You can also set the pattern at which the light will indicate too. You have the ability to set how long you would like the LED to repeat for, from once all the way until you actually unlock the device of open it up. Just the way I like it. Any filters you set can also be given its choice of LED color or combination.

Hub++ account selectionHub++ colour selection

With regards to color selection, I would like to be able to see the color orange (CrackBerry Orange to be specific). From the few color LED apps I've seen, none have this option yet so perhaps it's not quite available to developers just yet.

A recent updated included the ability to backup and restore your settings which makes things very helpful if you ever switched devices or wiped and reinstalled your OS.

Hub++ menuHub++ backup/restore

One thing about the app, which is probably more to do with API limitations, is that if your screen is locked the pop-up doesn't turn the screen on to alert you. Something that Email++ could do on legacy devices. But once you swipe to wake the screen you'll see the preview there.

Another thing beyond the developer's control is the fact that the app needs to run as Active Frame for it to function. We'll be seeing headless apps in the future but as of now it has be open to work.

Overall, it's a great app. Peek and Flow are already awesome together and so is the Hub in itself, Hub++ adds to that awesomeness. Coupled with the fact that it includes colored LED notifications, you're getting two apps in one. It's very customizable so you can really set things exactly the way you want it. Hub++ is available from BlackBerry World for $2.99. It is available for both the Z10 and Q10.

The Good

  • Highly customizable, filtering your email messages notifications exactly how you want them
  • Kind of getting two apps in one with the message previews and LED notifications
  • You can backup and restore your settings

The Bad

  • Has to run as an Active Frame but out of the control of the developer at this time
The bottom line

It's a useful app. Being able to customize emails and give them predefined actions is a neat feature. So is being able to perform certain actions to a message without even having to open it from the Hub. Combine it with the fact you can set LED notifications too, it that's one less app you'll need to buy or download.

For more information and to purchase Hub++ from BlackBerry World