If you are searching for the perfect theme for the fall season then be sure to give Mecanic by BBornot2B a try. This clean, smooth, and sharp theme gives your device a vintage look and feel that is just right for this autumn weather. BBornot2B delivers high quality, graphics filled, customized designs that are pleasing to the eyes. Mecanic is no different and even though it's based off the stock UI it still delivers just the right amount of customization to satisfy each and every one of you theme lovers out there.

Mecanic is subtle in its approach. No one element overpowers the other and when you see it on your screen it is very balanced with nothing seeming to be out of place. Taking a closer look at the homescreen it features a vintage style battery and signal coverage meters, custom colors, fonts, dialogs, menus, notification icons, and wallpaper.

Mecanic homescreen

I happen to love the old fashioned wheel design at the top for the meters. The Roman numeral style on one side and the regular numbering on the right add to the classic appeal of this theme. You may not realize this but if you look closely at the signal meters they appear as if they are actually rotating. Details matter and its visual effects like this that shows how much time and effort is put in an OS 7 theme.


I'm always surprised by BBornot2B's designs and each of their releases brings something new and refreshing to my display. Whether dazzling us with Words on Tiles or making you feel like a VIP with Dollar Theme I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next.

You can grab Mecanic at the link below for $.99. As of now it is only compatible with BlackBerry 9800 and 9900/30/81. However, BBornot2B will be making it available for more devices soon.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Mecanic