We all know that the success of BlackBerry 10 is greatly to do with app/game support and that's where Give Me That App comes into play. Sure, the app selection on BlackBerry 10 has grown massively from when the new OS was first officially launched in January 2013, however there are still some top titles that are missing and those could well be the difference in a consumer making the switch to BlackBerry from another platform.

Give Me That App presents you with a list of top titles that we don't yet have on BlackBerry 10 and the idea of the app is very simple - yet quite genius. And that is to bug the companies into bringing their apps and games over to our wonderful platform. There are two options to do this - via email or via a Tweet and either one just takes a second to do.

Once you launch the app for for the first time it will ask you for your name so that the email you send off introduces yourself. The message then explains that we need their app on BlackBerry 10 and how easy it can be to bring it over to us. Tweeting doesn't go into quite as much depth but then it wouldn't due to its character restrictions.

So, if you fancy bugging these developers into getting their apps on BlackBerry 10 - this is a simple and free way of doing so. Let's make ourselves heard. I love my BlackBerry, but do I want to have to sideload an Android port if I can? No. I want native, or at least a port to download from BlackBerry World.

So go grab the app - it's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices - and let's voice ourselves. It may well make BlackBerry more successful in terms of handset sales. Do you agree? Hands up who's with me?

Download Give Me That App for BlackBerry 10