When I think about useful information I might want to access on my BlackBerry, travel obviously comes to mind. A last minute change of plan, a flight canceled, new seat assignment in the plane, need a rental car… There are many reasons why you would want to use your BlackBerry.

Let’s start with flight schedules. We recommend eSKYGUIDE. Point your BlackBerry browser to http://flightlookup.com/. From there, you can quickly see all the flights from your favorite airport. TSA delays are also available; might be handy!


Just landed and need a car rental? Easy with http://mobile.carrentals.com/. Enter your Airport code or zip code and you’ll on your way to a rental car in no time.

I love to choose my seat in the plane. That’s just the way I am. There is a big difference between the emergency exit seat and the back row next to the restrooms. One of my favorite sites is mobile.seatguru.com. Enter the company you are flying with and the type of airplane and they will show you which seats are better.


For your convenience, we listed the BlackBerry friendly sites of the major US airlines below. Enjoy!

Major US Airlines
American Airlines http://aa.flightlookup.com/omnisky/
Continental Airlines http://pda.continental.com/
Delta Airlines https://www.delta.com
Northwest Airlines http://wireless.nwa.com/
SouthwestAirlines https://mobile.southwest.com/
United Airlines http://ua.flightlookup.com
US Airways http://us.flightlookup.com/

## This Article Was Originally Published by AllBlackBerry.com on February 16, 2007