Been wanting to pick up a BlackBerry PlayBook but can't quite justify another new gadget for just yourself? Maybe a PlayBook as a present for the whole family.... yeah... that could work, right? But is the BlackBerry PlayBook family friendly? Could the little ones use it?

If you've been pondering that question, check out the video above, where 2 1/2 year old Maryah shows she's pretty much got the PlayBook's gesture-based user interface mastered. Coloring book app, check. Racing on Need for Speed, check. Closing apps, check. Notice how the PlayBook's smaller tablet size makes it extremely friendly for her to hold the device (and not once did I hear her complain in the video about not having native email).

So what are you waiting for? If you were on the fence about getting a PlayBook for the family, you're not anymore! Note of caution - before letting kids get into the Need for Speed racing action you may want to protect the tablet in a BlackBerry PlayBook case - you never know where that PlayBook is going to get thrown if they don't finish first!