So you have a new Verizon BlackBerry Z10 but aren't sure where to start? You've come to the right place. We can help get you up and running so you can use your new BlackBerry Z10 to the fullest. From the basics of changing up your wallpaper or choosing a ringtone, all the way up to sideloading Android apps. 

There is plenty to know about the Z10 and we can break it all down for you. If you've used a BlackBerry before you'll have some idea of how things work, but even if you're a new user we can get you informed so you can be a BlackBerry master in no time at all. 

Keep reading for our short list of tips to getting started with your new BlackBerry Z10 from Verizon.

First things first

To start out, you want to take it easy and make a few tweaks. For that we have some quick help guides for things like changing your wallpaper, setting up notifications, using the Hub and more. Take a quick read through these guides to get started with setting up and customizing your new Z10.

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Up and running

Now that you've added your accounts and tweaked a few things to get your Z10 how you want it you can dive in even further. As you go along, you may want to master the various apps on your Z10, find out what the best ones to install are or even sideload some Android apps that aren't available in BlackBerry World. For that we have more in-depth tutorials to help you on your way.

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Don't stop there!

From there you're off to a great start. As we said earlier, there is always more to learn and as you use your new Verizon Z10 you'll have plenty of questions. You can always check out our growing list of BlackBerry 10 help guides or hit up the CrackBerry forums for answers to more specific questions.