So you have finally got that BlackBerry that you had been hoping for all year? Now that you have it all hooked up on your cell phone plan, you're probably wondering what to do next. Many new users head to CrackBerry to gain information, but as we all know the site contains so much that it can almost be intimidating and at times frustrating to try to find what you are looking for. New users may be a bit overwhelmed by all that has to offer, but you shouldn't be. Let's take some time to review the basics of the site, so that you can make your first experience as great as we planned for it to be, and ensure that you come back for more as your days as a BlackBerry user go by.

CrackBerry is a place that many new and experienced users visit, and with how much the site has grown already, the information database that is available is rather large, and to a new user can be a little bit intimidating. Let's start with the very basics of the site to get you up and going. First, you will want to start off with creating a new account so that you can post within the forums and take advantage of all the great features offered. To create a new account, you will want to look to the top right corner where it says LogIn/Register, and click on the register button. Then fill out all requested information, keeping in mind use of email address or actual names are not recommended, and then submit the information. Now that you are a registered user you will be able to post in forums, view pictures posted within forums as well as email media to yourself directly from the site with the click of a button to customize your new device.

Getting Started in the CrackBerry Forums

Whether new to forums completely, or just new to CrackBerry, a great starting place is over in the CrackBerry Newbies Forum where you can introduce yourself, as well as greet some others. This will give you a good feel for the basic navigation of the forums, how to post and how everything is laid out. Once you have gotten the basic idea of the forums, you can check out the device specific forums. These device specific forums contain a wide variety of information from issues people are having, to questions about the device, to helpful tips and suggestions. Many new users will spend lots of time within this area to learn some of the ins and outs of their new BlackBerry Smartphone.

BlackBerry 101

After you have checked out some information specific to your device, I would recommend checking out the BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series which will teach you how to set up your email address, some keyboard shortcuts, how to add third party applications and loads more. These lectures contain a TON of great information with screen shots and videos in some lessons that will walk you right through setting up new features, or utilizing your device in ways you didn't know possible.

Customizing Your Device

Now that the research has been covered, many people will want to make the device their own, and change the appearance. Many of our forum members utilize their free time to create amazing themes, which change the full appearance of the device, and add additional functionality in some cases.

  • Check out the themes here. Be sure to look around, as there is a wide variety of themes, some free and some paid themes. Themes can be installed to your device one of two ways, either via desktop manager, or over the air (OTA).
  • Check out the end of this BlackBerry 101 for information of how to load each of these installation types to your device.
  • In addition to themes, CrackBerry has a huge selection of wallpapers designed for different size devices as well. What's great about these is they are sent from the site directly to your device, by simply clicking Email this Wallpaper. The wallpaper will appear as an email on your device, from where you can save the attachment and set it as your device's wallpaper.
Installing New Applications

Now that you have customized your device, it's time to check out some Third Party Applications that will allow you to make the most of your device.

  • The CrackBerry App Store contains a ton of software categories ranging from Finance to E-Books to Games to Medical information. Each person will utilize their BlackBerry for a different purpose, so take some time to cruise through the store and check out the applications.
  • When the Tour was launched, a list of 5 Must Have Application's was made, with the opinions of many BlackBerry Addicts. While the list is shown for the BlackBerry Tour, if you look in the store, many of the applications are also available for other models.
  • One MUST HAVE for all BlackBerry users would be the CrackBerry Launcher, which has recently been revamped to add more functionality, and replicate the feel of the web based forums. You can check out the launcher by heading to from your device and download it over the air.
  • For more help, check out our 101 on How To Install and Manage Third Party Applications.
Get Accessorized

After having finally set up your device to your liking you will want to protect it and find some great accessories to use with the device. has nearly all your BlackBerry needs for your new device. Whether you are looking for a car charger for your device to keep it charged on the road, or a Bluetooth headset to avoid any local traffic tickets, our store has got you covered. Often times the hunt for the perfect accessory can be difficult due to the variety of products, but check out our Community Reviews which are reviews submitted by fellow members of the CrackBerry Community.

Lets Get Social

After the device is all set up and you have chose the accessories you will need to accompany your device I would recommend checking out the CrackBerry Cafe, which contains the social forums and off topic forums. This area is used as a social ground instead of an information area like the device forums. You will find topics for nearly anything in this area, where you can meet new people, view items other members are selling, as well as Confess Your CB Addiction which yes you can form after only just one day of use!

Now that you have the basic navigation of the site down, you have checked out the CrackBerry App Store, and the ShopCrackBerry Store for all your needs, it's time to venture out and explore more of what CrackBerry can offer you. Remember, CrackBerry is a family oriented site, which means let's remember to "Play Nice, Be Helpful, and have Respect!" These forums are moderated by a group of volunteer addicts, so be sure to check out some information about each of them here. Now take some time to venture around the forums and utilize CrackBerry and all the information that it contains to benefit you in your new BlackBerry experience!

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