You may remember months ago we gave you a sneak peak of GetItBack from Convenience Software. Well the time has come and the full version is finally available.  I've been testing the application for what seems like forever, helping to work out all the kinks, and I must say this is one piece of software I'll be keeping for the length of my Curve. 

Get Your BlackBerry Back!

GetItBack App
Just follow the instructions

The process is simple;  Install the OTA download to your device, choose a password and ringtone, save the settings and you're done.  If your phone is lost, you can login to your control panel on the website - and thats it.  You simply click the "Stolen" button, and you will see the web interface with all of your device information such as last known location, battery status, backlight status, SIM information and your controller.


A simple web interface lets you activate your phone's alarm, ringer, send a custom message, callback a specified number and even play a custom WAV. 


 GetItBack General
The control panel displays the status of your device.

From the web interface you can activate any of the features in any combination (I personally find the alarm to be the best as its screams "This Blackberry is stolen!" over and over until deactivated.  When you do discover your lost device, you can click the "Found" button and you device will receive a "Phone Found With GetItBack" email, and everything will go back to normal.  This is great for those times you lose your Berry in the couch cushions or under the car seat.  While it can't quite guarantee the return of a stolen device, it will definitely give you a hand in finding it and convincing a thief they want nothing to do with it.

Overall this is an invaluable application to have.  At $9.99, you simply shouldn't pass it up as it will save you twenty times that in the long run.  I'm sure you keep your precious Blackberry closely guarded and by your side at all times (mush like I do), but should anything every happen to it, you don't want to be left empty handed.