GetGlue for BlackBerry updated to v1.03 - Reduces file size and corrects login issues

We've covered GetGlue a few times in the past here so, we figured we'd let you all about the newest update that is now available in BlackBerry App World since, it fixes some concerns a lot of folks have been having with the app. First, app size -- yes, it was rather large for older device starting off but now the folks at GetGlue have got that down considerably. Second -- log in issues, some folks were not able to login using their device and now the chnage log indictates that has been addressed finally. If you're a GetGlue user, fire up BlackBerry App World and you should see the update -- if not refresh App World and it should appear although, it may still be filtering through so if you don't see it then just sit tight it'll show up soon.

Download GetGlue for BlackBerry from App World