Baby BlackBerry!

Seriously. Who's NOT going to buy of these for the little one(s) in the family?! The geniuses at LeapFrog, makers of all things educational for kids, are poised to launch this ultra cool baby smartphone. From Pocket-Lint:

Dubbed "Baby BlackBerry" by us, a spokesperson for the company told us that the new gadget for kids gives your little ones the feel of the email gadget without the worry of them sending a random email to your boss.

"We would love to talk to BlackBerry about a tie-up", a spokesperson for the company told Pocket-lint.

Full qwerty keyboard, large LCD screen and the ability to send theoretical text messages to LeapFrog's cute puppy character, won't get pass the fact that you unfortunately can't connect to the Internet to check your twitter feed. On the educational front there is a calendar to learn dates, phonics for the keypad and the odd game.

NICE. The "Baby BlackBerry" will be available in August for £19.99. That's assuming RIM's legal team doesn't get to LeapFrog first - I'm pretty sure RIM holds some FULL-QWERTY smartphone keyboard patents that they'll want some licensing revenue for :-)

Ok, so I have two nieces, two nephews, no kids (that I know of anyway).... I'll take FOUR please and thank you! Check out more images here >>