It's back to school time again and we've looked at some great accessories and apps for students already. A pretty neat app landed in my mailbox and it is definitely one that needs to be on a student's BlackBerry device, in my opinion. It is certainly one I would have made use of during my student years.

OfCourse! is an app that let's you organize your schedule, grades, tasks and attendance. You have to set it all up and add your terms and classes. Once that is done you can also start to add you grade goals too and as the term progresses you can track how close to are to achieving your goal grade. What is neat about the the schedule is that it integrates with the native calendar so you can see your agenda at a glance through the Hub or Calendar.

When adding classes, you can add enter the subject title, the professor and room number. You then set which day of the week it is schedule for and the time. If you have a subject multiple times a week you can select more days. Though this is probably best suited if the subject was the same time on different days. If they start at different times on two different days, then it may be best to add them in separately.

You can monitor your attendance too. You can make use of location services to automatically mark your attendance or you can go in and manually set it. You can then display a graph to see your whole attendance at a glance.

If you get any coursework or assignments, you can add them to your tasks list with due date and this will integrate with Remember so you can tick them off the list as you go too.

Overall, OfCourse! is a pretty impressive app for students. It's a very intuitive app and I highly recommend it for students. The even better thing about it is that it is free. It is definitely something I would have paid for but free it is. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices, so no one is left out.

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