Get yourself nominated for the BlackBerry Achievement Awards 2013

The BlackBerry 10 launch is fast approaching and many things are being rebranded in the world of BlackBerry right now. We've know that BlackBerry App World was to become BlackBerry World and that change took place this week. That then meant BlackBerry World needed a new name, so that will now be known as BlackBerry Live.

There's more rebranding in the form of BlackBerry Achievement Awards, which is formerly known as the Wireless Achievement Awards, normally held at BlackBerry Live. The new name brings with it new categories too and you can get a chance to submit yourself to be nominated for the awards. You can send in nominations for your business or your app. If you become one of five winners you can get a chance to be flown to Orlando to attend BlackBerry Live for the Awards Ceremony.

The BlackBerry Achievement Awards categories are:

  • App of the Year
  • Putting Customers First
  • Mobile Innovation of the Year
  • Making the World a Better Place
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 

To nominate your app or business, head to the BlackBerry Live website and fill in the form. Entries must be in by March 22nd 2013. 

Nominate your business or app for the BlackBerry Achievement Awards 

Source: Inside BlackBerry for Business