Get Your Free Holiday Wallpapers From MyBlackBerry
A few weeks back I was going to write an article about how Research In Motion never updates their BlackBerry Mobile site with new themes and wallpapers like they once did. As I was thinking of this I also was poking around the BlackBerry website and decided to log into MyBlackBerry and see what was new in there. After logging in I then realized where RIM was hiding all their new wallpapers.

MyBlackBerry has a great selection of wallpapers available for direct download to your device all of which are BlackBerry branded. Most recently they have updated the choice to include a bunch of holiday wallpers to choose from. As well, they have started up a FaceBook wallpaper generator where in you can creat your own wallpapers from your own images. Shame it's tied to FaceBook though, wasn't really wanting to sign up for that so I just used the CrackBerry wallpaper maker. Since you know, I already have a CrackBerry account. :)