While there have been loads of apps submitted to BlackBerry App World thus far waiting to find a good home on a BlackBerry PlayBook, only a few stand out. The awesomely named FourPlay is one of those and definitely on the top of my want list when I get my hands on a PlayBook. The app works with foursquare APIs to bring you what is now the best foursquare experience on the Playbook. FourPlay gives you the ability to access your friends checkin stream, view pictures from checkins, view and leave comments, see venue information and more. While the app is fully functional and ready to roll, it does have some more features (like checkins) coming as well. It looks to be the best bet for foursquare users from the get go, so when you have a PlayBook (if you don't already) you'll want to check it out free in BlackBerry App World.

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