Get your Flickr fix with these third party apps - Pichkari and Flowr

Flickr is a photo hosting service, currently owned by Yahoo. I actually used to use Flickr service quite a lot many years ago, even as far as trying out the pro version for a year. I recently started looking into using it again but as many BlackBerry toting Flickr users know, there is no official app for BlackBerry. I did take a look at an app called Upload to Flickr before and after that post a few other apps suggestions came about through the comments. Upload to Flickr is just an app that lets you upload your photos, if you're looking for a fully featured one, there are two that you should take a look at -- Pichkari and Flowr.



Pichkari was built in Cascades, so you'll get a nice BlackBerry 10 experience. To get started just login to your Flickr account and authorise Pichkari. Once done, you're presented with your account. At a glance, you can see Recent Uploads from Contacts, your Photostream, Photosets, Galleries, Favourites and Groups. You can then tap into them and see more from each of these.

If you tap the left menu, you'll have more options. You can jump into your contacts list, browse through photos uploaded by others, as well as the ability to search for photos.

Pichkari Main Screen Pichkari Menu Pichkari Photo Upload

To upload photos, tap the up arrow icon located in the top right of the screen. Choose your photo. You can then add a title and description to your photo, as well as tags. You can upload multiple photos in one go. What it doesn't give you, is the option to choose where to upload your photo. It just uploads it to your Photostream. You cannot upload videos either.

Pichkari feature list

  • One-time login
  • Photostream, photoset, gallery, favourites, groups
  • Upload multiple photos with all customisations
  • Add/remove photos in favourites, set, gallery and group
  • Edit details for photo, set, gallery
  • Delete photos
  • Full support for browsing user profiles
  • Save photos, if allowed by owner
  • Set beautiful photos as wallpaper


Flowr Flickr Client

The Flowr app is a fully featured client too. It is laid out differently with all your options tabbed along the bottom. By default, Recent Photos is the first tab you'll see. The other tabs available are Explore, Favourites and Me. When you jump into the Me section, you can see your Photostream, your follow list and groups.

Flowr Recent Tab Flowr Me Tab Flowr Photo Upload

Wherever you are in the app, except in the Explore tab, there is an icon in the top right for uploading photos to your account. Just like with Pichkari you can't upload videos.

Flowr feature list

  • browse your contacts/following recent photos
  • explore and search beautiful interesting photos
  • interact with other by sharing comments on photos
  • add photos that you like to your favorite box
  • share photos through social
  • save photos to local


Final thoughts

Out of the two apps, I prefer Pichkari. While none of them allow me to choose where to upload my photos to, I like that I can view my Photosets with Pichkari. I also prefer the way it is laid out. But we all have our preferences. One thing I have noticed on both apps is that when you upload a square photo it turns 90 degress counter-clockwise, which is a bit of an annoyance. All other ratios upload fine.

Both apps are available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. Pichkari costs $1.99, while Flowr costs $0.99. However, there is a Pichkari lite version for you to try out before you buy. It's just a bit limited, you can't upload multiple photos in one go, for example.

For both apps you need a Flickr account. It is free to sign up for one and when you do, you get 1TB of storage to upload your photos to.

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