Here's one for all our friends over in Spain, as 2 pretty nice BlackBerry 10 apps have been launched to keep you up to date with your sports news needs. Best of all, these are full blooded, native BlackBerry 10 apps. 

First up is the offering from It looks fantastic, and performs very well, and is very smooth. I'd love to be able to tell you all about every little thing it covers, but this is a Spanish language app. Short of ordering a beer my Spanish isn't that hot, but I can tell you it seems to cover sports such as Football, Motorsports, NBA, Tennis, Cycling, Golf among others. A good selection to choose from, and has a great Active Frame that will cycle through recent headlines. 

Next up is the LFP app, an official app to Spain's top two football divisions. This one actually has English language in, so those of us not blessed with speaking good Spanish can also put it to good use. Set your favorite team, get all the news, fixtures, results, and even a really cool looking 3D goals mode where you can watch some 3D renders of recent goals. Nice. And, again as this is a native BlackBerry 10 application, there's also a fine looking Active Frame that cycles through recent scores throughout the league. A must have for all fans of Spanish football. 

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