We recently saw the popular western RPG, Six Guns land on BlackBerry 10 and it wouldn't be CrackBerry if we didn't bring you a video demo of the game play. I don't often play RPG games but the free game from Gameloft was too awesome to pass up.

There are many missions to keep you busy, ranging in difficulty and occasionally encounter some supernatural enemies. You collect coins and stars after each completed mission that you can use to buy more gear to equip yourself and your horse. You can even get XP points and healing elixirs. 

There are 40 missions to discover, you can roam the wild west to find them. The missions range from stopping robbers, defending sacred lands and forts, and as stated, there will be the occasional supernatural baddies to tend to.

The gameplay is smooth, it's awesome and truly is the bomb duffa. What's more is the game is available to download for free. So there is no excuse no to load this up onto your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. You can check out the video above for a quick demo.

Download Six Guns for BlackBerry 10