Growing up in my household, loving everything martial arts was a must! Having a father who studied the art and is a black belt meant I cut my teeth on Bruce Lee movies and the Kung Fu series (Deepest sympathies to my classmate Kansas, RIP Carradine). When I was browsing through App World last week, I ran across a game for the BlackBerry PlayBook called ToFu by HotGen Limited. While the name threw me off, the icon caught my attention. Was that really a piece of ToFu wearing a karate headband?!

To-Fu is the world's stretchiest martial artist. You join our young hero on his journey in the "Trials of Chi". The concept of the game is to stretch, ping, stick & rebound To-Fu off different walls and objects through 140 levels of  traps and machinery as you collect the gems and reach the "Fortune Kitty".


  • Unique Stretch Control: Stretch and ping To-Fu using nothing but your finger.
  • Controls that are designed exclusively for touch-screen. No buttons required!
  • Substantial Challenge: 140 unique trials for To-Fu to master and perfect. Hours of gameplay and replay value.
  • Booby-Traps: A plethora of obstacles to overcome: including 5 different surface types alongside an abundance of taxing traps.
  • Truly Universal Experience: A game for everyone: from seasoned gamers to complete newcomers.(Seriously, my 4 year old loves this game and actually does better on some levels than me)

ToFu is a highly entertaining game. I love the graphics and how smoothly the game runs on the PlayBook. ToFu is currently available for $1.99 and is definitely well worth the money!

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