BlackBerry Whip Released!

Here is my official time waster for the week. BlackBerry Whip from Fabian Heuwieser. Now honestly there is not much too this application aside from the humor that could ensue from its usage. I have actually given this a lot of thought in terms of how and when to use this virtual whip and have come up with the following examples:

Say you are the bar with your buddy, whose girlfriend or wife does not let him get out much, and all of a sudden his phones rings. It's his girlfriend (or wife), telling him he simply must get home right now, even though he just got to the bar only a little while ago... Time to bring out the whip folks and let him know just what ya think about that. Let him know, he's whipped!!

Now all you ladies out there, before ya get mad at me I thought about you too.

Say you wake up first thing in the morning, you wanna have a nice breakfast cooked and brought to you in bed. You turn to your significant other and ever so sweetly ask him to make and bring you some breakfast. He of course agrees, then as he walks out the door you give a giggle, a smile and then bring out the whip!! Careful though with this one, you may go hungry. :-)

BlackBerry Whip is available from your PC in the Shop CrackBerry store for $2.99 and a free trial is available. If you purchae on your BlackBerry device through or from the new CrackBerry App Store client you'll find BlackBerry Whip currently on sale for a limited time at $1.99 (no coupon code required). Please keep in mind the following note from Fabian... Remember to set permissions to allow in order to use this application and to read the Help-Menu in the application. Only for OS >

Grab it and have some fun... but don't blame me if flicking the whip gets ya slapped!