Get your BBM on in our revamped BlackBerry Messenger Forums!

Late last week we put together a revamped BBM section within our forums… We're calling it BBM Central, and it's awesome.

Within the new BBM Central Forum, you'll find something for just about anyone with questions or concerns about BBM. There's a General BBM Chat forum for starters, where anything BBM is fair game. We also have a few forums to help you discover BBM Friends, BBM Groups, BBM Video and BBM Channels. On top of that, as BlackBerry preps to launch on other platforms, we've put together a BBM on Android and BBM on iOS forum. It's all good stuff.

Take a few moments to dive in. If you're a regular BBM user, have questions, or just want to jump into the conversation, this is the best place to do it!

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