Productivity is an integral part of the BlackBerry experience. As BlackBerry owners, we are all familiar with how easy it is to get things done. If you're looking to expand the functionality of your BlackBerry 10 device, there's a new app on the scene called doo from CellNinja. This headless utility app allows you to assign different functions to the volume, play, and power keys, as well as, creating homescreen shortcuts to perform simple actions such as starting a BBM conversation or calling a specific contact.

Get things done faster and easier with doo for BlackBerry 10

The app itself is easy to use and offers a unique interface with which to assign a particular action to a button or create a homescreen shortcut. To assign an action to a particular button, the process is quite simple. All you have to do is choose the button or button combination you wish to use (with either a double click or long press, 10if available) to trigger a particular function. Next, you can assign a specific action such as launching an app, starting a BBM, email, or SMS conversation, and even start/stop an audio recording. These actions can also be assigned a shortcut on the homescreen by going into that menu.


  • Buttons Shortcuts: Assign actions to your Power button or volume buttons
  • Homescreen Shortcuts: Create icons on your Homescreen to perform common tasks faster than before
  • Record audio: You're at the doctor's office and don't want to forget the important advice you are being told? You're always one button press away from recording at any moment.
  • Flashlight: It's dark in here? Light up the place before you can say "Flashlight" three times
  • Manage your clipboard: Ever been in a situation where you wanted to paste some text that is not in your clipboard anymore because you copied something else in the meantime? doo allows you to access the las ten text copied to your clipboard
  • What else can it doo?
    • Open an application x
    • Call someone
    • Compose text message, email or BBM‎
    • Access your device Settings (ie: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Display, Language, etc)
    • Open a frequently used folder
  • Headless: doo is headless; you don't need to open the app to use it. Whenever you want, just press that button and you're on your way to productivity

Pardon the pun, but doo is a great way to 'do' things quicker and easier on BlackBerry 10. You can find this app in BlackBerry World for $1.99.

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