When it comes to mobile gaming, shooting footballs at targets is certainly nothing new. However, to coincide with the 2014 World Cup a new title has hit BlackBerry World this week which not only gives us awesome gameplay, but also amazing graphics.

Free to download, Football World Real Brazil Cup maybe a bit of a mouthful of a title but if you load this one up on your BlackBerry 10 device it can get pretty addictive. I'm not a football (soccer) fan but I've really enjoyed tackling this game.

With it being available for all BlackBerry 10 devices it also means everyone can enjoy it. I initially hit this one up on my Z30 - where gaming is normally always best - but later on I tried it on my Q10 as you'll see in the video. I actually found the game easier on the Q10 due to being able to just use a single thumb to play which meant for one handed gameplay, which felt great.

This one is a super game for either when you want to sit down and do some serious gaming or also if you just have a few spare minutes. With a selection of different style targets and various sized balls see how far you can get?

Features include:

  • Immense number of challenges to beat
  • Quick learning curve for your convenience
  • You can play casually or hone your skills
  • Play as any national team you want
  • Awesomely accurate shooting mechanics
  • Realistically represented physics
  • Five different countries to play and win
  • Pure penalty shootout without the hassle

I'm loving this one. Who's with me? Sound off in the comments.

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