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Well, I guess in reality diet, cardio and committment play just as big of a role in getting six pack abs as does the ab workout itself, but at least with Anywhere Abs on your BlackBerry you'll have no excuse for not having a decent routine to follow. Heck, even if you install it and don't use the app, just seeing the icon on your homescreen all day will probably help with making healthier eating choices. :)

Abs Anywhere is the first fitness-related app by NickelBuddy (you'll usually find these guys making BlackBerry games). It's a simple, but effective. That's of course assuming you use it after you install it! Here's the official word:

Anywhere Abs is like having a workout partner on your BlackBerry. It will guide you step-by-step through a routine to strengthen your core. This routine, which takes only 6 minutes to complete at the Advanced level, is perfect for the frequent traveller or for home use. It can be performed anywhere there is space on the floor, making it an ideal hotel room workout! Anywhere Abs consists of 6 exercises, performed while a timer counts down for the duration of each exercise. A detailed description of each exercise is available for reference at any time during the workout.

You can pickup Anywhere Abs at the link below for both trackball/pad and touchscreen BlackBerry Smartphones for $2.99.

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