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ShortcutMe is one of our favorite shortcut/macro apps and it's on sale now for just $2.99. This powerful app keeps getting better and better and lets you set and perform macros to common tasks on your device. Quickly access apps, compose emails or send text messages all with just a few clicks. New features include:

  • Added new Super Macros (Macros containing other macros) to make it easier for users to create advance shortcuts.
  • Smoother integration of Plugin Functions. Plugins allow users to download new (macro) functions for ShortcutMe inste4ad of writing them from scratch.
  • Added 'SearchAndRun' macro to allow users to search for any item (app, person, etc) on the Blackberry and then run/launch it.
  • Better UI interface.

This one is definitely worth checking out, so grab it now while it's 50% off. Hit the link below to check it out.

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