Get scrapbooking with Tapyhold for BlackBerry 10

The Scrapbook app on the BlackBerry PlayBook was a lot of fun. Still owning a PlayBook, I occasionally make a scrapbook with the app. When BlackBerry 10 launched we didn't see a version make its way to the devices, which was a shame. All is not lost though, a scrapbook of sorts did become available on BlackBerry 10 called Tapyhold. It made it to our top journal and diary app roundup but we'll take a closer look at it.

Tapyhold is a scrapbook with a difference. It lets you create a multimedia scrapbook, complete with music and videos. When you first open Tapyhold it prompts you to name your first (scrap)book. Then you're presented with a screen that shows four different media types - clip, music, video, photo, just tap and hold on one to add something. You can add and delete any you don't want and you can also select a layout for your scrapbook too. Though you can manual move items around, if you wanted to.

Tapyhold Scrapbook Hub Tapyhold set default layout/background colour

You can have multiple pages within a scrapbook. Within each page you can have up to six items. It can be a mix of the four different item types or you can just make it all photos, videos, whatever your choice. To add a new page just tap Next Page along the bottom and a new one will be added. The default layout is all four items on a page but you can change the default layout. There is also an option to change the background colour or design of each page of the scrapbook. Again, the default colour/design can be changed to suit you. You can add in some text on a page too.

Tapyhold Page Menu

Each item can be named and a date can be added to them too. This can come in handy if you're making a holiday scrapbook. A scrapbook cover can also be added. Though while this is a neat feature you also see this cover when you minimise the app into an Active Frame. It would be great to see this cover when viewing all your scrapbooks.

Tapyhold page examples Tapyhold page examples

There are a few negatives though. You can only set a picture in portrait mode and because of this I can't use many good pictures as I have to crop them. You also can't adjust the size of the items on a page, so adding clipart isn't any use, at least for me as they show up quite big on the page and take up space I don't want it to. When it comes to videos they playback sideways because you can only have things set in portrait mode.

All in all, Tapyhold is a pretty neat scrapbook app. I do like that you can add multiple pages to a scrapbook. I would prefer that the default page that loads when you open the app is to view your scrapbooks, rather than automatically asking you to create a new one. It's a good app though, one I have found myself using more and more.

The Good

  • Create scrapbooks with multiple pages
  • Change default item/background colour layouts

The Bad

  • Photos and videos only set in portrait mode
  • You can't adjust the photo size
The bottomline

Great app if you want to create scrapbooks. It's a nice touch that you can add music. It can set the mood when viewing your scrapbook. The few niggles aren't a full deal breaker for me but it would be nice to be able to adjust the photo size or even have the ability to rotate items on a page too.

Tapyhold has a free version and a full version available. The free version allows you to create scrapbooks with a maximum of 2 pages, while the full version lets you add 10 pages per scrapbook. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. The full version costs $0.99. Definitely worth checking it out. Get scrapbooking today!

Learn more / Download Tapyhold Lite
Learn more / Download Tapyhold