Student Starter Pack

School; that dreaded word that sends shivers down the spine of some students. It's not the best word to say while you are still trying to cling on to summer fun, but it's always best to be prepared. I was notified about the new Student Starter Pack, available online to BlackBerry Smartphone users. I did mention it very briefly back in December, but this time its offering is bigger and better. Here's what you'll find inside the pack:

  • Student Docket - the ultimate student organizer. Manage your assignments, class schedules, teacher details and more.
  • Cram - create, import, share and study for tests, all from your Blackberry. Utilize its multiple choice or flash card styles of studying.
  • Podtrapper - a powerful download manager and podcast player.

PLUS a theme from Cool BlackBerry Themes for FREE! The value of all of these would typically cost over $40, but the Student Starter Pack is available for $29.99. For more information, check out