"The Hard Shell case for the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60 will keep your phone protected in style."

In Short:
"Protection and style, you can't ask for more in a case."

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"For those of you that hate having a case on our BlackBerry but know that the world is a crazy place, should definitely pick up the Hard Shell case from BlackBerry."
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To case or not to case – that is the question. whether you've dropped your BlackBerry smartphone already or not, a case is a fantastic idea to protect your phone. After all, it really is an investment. A little ways back we took a look at the Case-Mate Tough Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60. Now we’re back at it with a new case for the same phone, but this one is made by BlackBerry. Continue reading to get the run down on the BlackBerry Hard Shell case for the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60.

The BlackBerry Hard Shell case for the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60 is an intriguing case for sure. This case is built from a strong flexible plastic, that allows the case to wrap around your BlackBerry with minimal increase to the thickness. Yet, even though it's low profile design, the case still manages to offer added protection.


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The top of the BlackBerry Hard Shell case offers protection to the chrome at the very tip of the device. There has been an opening made to allow for full access to the lock button on the BlackBerry Torch.


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On the left of the case, there sits and opening for your charging and sync connection. The case rides higher on the device to offer protection on the side of your BlackBerry.


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On the right, of the BlackBerry Hard Shell case for the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60 you have access to all of your convenience keys. Once again the plastic of the case will ride high to allow for protection of the chrome bezel.


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Flip the case over and you’ve got the back. No shock here, but RIM has allowed for full camera access while this case is on and protecting your phone. No longer will you substitute a decent looking case for camera functionality.

The Good

  • Low profile design
  • Access to all ports and convince keys
  • Full-unobstructed camera access

The Bad

  • Doesn’t protect the bottom or top of the device


While the BlackBerry Hard Shell case for the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60 won’t offer you the level of protection as a Case-Mate Tough, or Otterbox case would. It will still allow you to worry less about those light bumps and drops, yet keep your phone slim and easy to use like RIM designed it.

Hard Shell Case


  • The low profile design of the Hard Shell case from BlackBerry allows you to stay protected in style. The case also features easy access to all ports, meaning less hassle when you go to use your BlackBerry smartphone.


  • The Hard Shell case from BlackBerry lacks in protection toward the top and the bottom of the smartphone, meaning drops and bumps may inpact them more than other areas of the phone.

The Bottom Line

The Hard Shell case from BlackBerry is a must have for those that want protection, but don't want to sacrafice the style and sleekness of their BlackBerry smartphone. While there are sections of the case that are lacking in protection, the main areas are definitely covered and will protect your phone from thos light bumps and drops.

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