Saved Search

I've always tried to keep my email organized, leaving messages unread if I know they need a reply. This at times can be a pain since having to scroll through insane amounts of messages on my BlackBerry isn't always the quickest option. Chatting with Ronen a few days back, he let me know about a quick tip that was actually posted on BerryReview way back in March. I had no idea you could save a search and assign a shortcut to it. I tweaked up a quick search of unread messages, assigned ALT+U as the shortcut and that was that. Now when I'm in my messages, I simply need to use ALT+U to see all my unread messages. I'm sure many of you knew this feature existed, but I figured passing it along to those who didn't couldn't hurt :-)

Create saved search shortcut:

  • Open Messages
  • Press Menu key and choose Search
  • Configure the search settings, press Menu and select Save
  • Title the search, add a shortcut key and save
This can be done for messages from certain senders, messages with attachments, SMS and more. You can create multiple searches to fit your needs and always have them a shortcut away.

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