Get in on the O2 UK BlackBerry sale and get some free music albums and vouchers too

O2 UK is currently haivng a sale on their Pay & Go BlackBerry smartphones. However, a discount on their BlackBerry smartphones isn't all you're getting. From now until July 9th, if you buy a BlackBerry smartphone on Pay & Go you can get a discount of £10-£20. What's more is if you get a friend to buy a BlackBerry device, then you can each get a free album. The more friends you spread the word to, the more you get, this includes more free albums each as well as O2 Academy vouchers.

The offer is available when you purchase either the Curve 9300, Curve 9360 or the latest Curve 9320 and ends July 9th. At a time when people are looking to save this is a pretty nice offering from O2 UK, given that you can get some free music as well as O2 Academy vouchers. For those who don't know the O2 Academy is a concert venue and O2 UK has them pitted all across the U.K. for us to enjoy some live music. Head on to O2 UK's Facebook page for more details.

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